The Journey

Boxing4Schools the pioneers behind the return of Boxing back into the school curriculum B4S was founded in 2005 by former professional Heavyweight Boxer Wayne Llewellyn.

In March 2005 Wayne met with the former CEO of the ABAE Paul King, at the ABAE’s old headquarters at Crystal Place sports centre, the aim of the meeting was to introduce the ABAE to Boxing4Schools short term development plan, returning boxing back onto the school curriculum.

Following a few successful meetings with the ABAE alone with Bromley’s Partner Development Manger, Boxing4Schools gave a proposal out to 31 secondary schools in Bromley, with only one school taking up Boxing4Schools 12week pilot scheme! The pilot scheme was to demonstrate the power of a structured Boxing4Schools scheme of work would have in helping young people live and think healthier, this showed to have a positive knock on effect into the class room, along with young peoples self esteem and social skills.

September 2005 Boxing4Schools teamed up with Kelsey Park Sports College in Bromley to run the first pilot of Boxing in a School of over 60 years (this is where the name Boxing4Schools originated from) this is where B4S also created the engaging, safe and fun Non Contact lesson plan.

After we finished the pilot with great success, the success was measured from the number of dropouts, along with the reports of changes in attitudes of the young people taking part in the sessions. There were reports from several teachers, about the positive effect Boxing4Schools had on the young people are round school and in the classroom, giving them the ability to focus on the task set in front of them.We were offered a permanent positing in the school curriculum. We then started an after school club which had a large number of non sporty young taking part which was great as they started to get active and more focused.

In January 2006 Bromley’s then PDM saw first hand the positive impact a Boxing4Schools class had on the young people being taut, Focus, Discipline and Control the principals of boxing, the PDM was so impressed that he place us in 3 more schools in Bromley, Hayes School, Kemnal Technology College, and the Priory School.

In 2008 Boxing4Schools collaborated with The Priory School and Frank Bruno MBE, to launch the country’s first academic boxing academy called the Frank Bruno Boxing Academy.

Me and Frank
Wayne working with kelly holmes copy